Monday, 14 November 2016

Week 5 - Athletics Day

Our school athletics day was last Tuesday, it was a very windy day. But everyone had so much fun! 

Check out Vonairay and Tai's writing.      
                                         Athletics Day

Clapping and cheering with excitement. Getting ready to pull we spread out, as I hear Mr Lintott say “Ready Set Go”! We start pulling as hard as we could to win . Cheering from the team's Yellow, orange, purple and blue. My feet are sliding through the grass from the other team green pulling it, the long slippery rope is sliding through my hands and giving me sore hands.

My hands are tired from pulling the rope, the bright yellow sun is shinning on my eyes so I can’t really see much but I am trying my best to pull hard. It is annoying because when we pull the rope near our cone the green team pulls it near their cone, so that’s why the game kept on going on and my hands are sore.

The time has come to see who is going to win. The green team is pulling as hard as they can so as we are too. As so the green team won, my hands are red and painful. Green team had done a really good job of pulling as well.


  1. Kia ora Scott class,

    Wow what a great writing and describing the day that we had at school. When I clicked on this blog post I thought that it was athletic day at three kings but phew it wasn't because I had made a blog post about athletic day at three kings I hope you go and check that out. And what a great writing, it tells that there was a lot of painful hands pulling the rope by that time. I really like it, I hope yellow team can tell us more on what was there favorite event on athletic day.

    Sincerely Osana

  2. I really like your recount about your athletics day. It sounded like you had a lot of fun. I also like how you're so descriptive. Just one quick question what was the most fun part of the day?