Monday, 11 April 2016

Week 10 - Softball Tournament

On Tuesday last week we went to the Softball Tournament at Mt Roskill Primary School.

Here is some writing by Osana and Sami.

On Tuesday 5th of March the softball team went to a softball tournament at Mt Roskill primary school. We were warming up to get ready for our first competition. The first school we played was Mt Roskill Primary School.  When we were getting ready the captains had to play rock paper scissors to see who is batting or fielding. The captain for Mt Roskill Primary School got the chance to choose if his team wanted to bat or field first, he chose for his team to field and our team had to bat. We won our first game of softball, we were so happy that we won! it was amazing! But we were sad that we didn’t make it into the final but at least we won one game.

Check us out in action!

Alaskah running into third base

Tyrone pitching

Shreya batting

Hay Park Softball Team Saunoa, Peeana, Emah, Sami, Nathaniel, Vonairay, Shreya, Roman
Alaskah, Osana, Tyrone

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Week 10 - Road Safety

This week we have been learning with Constable Rob, our community constable about keeping ourselves safe on our roads.

On Monday we had a refresher on road patrol and the calls we use. Constable Rob was very impressed with how well the juniors at Hay Park know what happens on road patrol. He said it means we are awesome role models!

Today we went for a walk around our local community to identify hazzards. There are lots of different hazzards such as:

  • cones
  • trees that are hanging low
  • fire hydrants (the yellow squares on the ground)
  • cards
  • uneven concrete
  • people (sometimes we distract each other!)
  • the kerb
Here are a few photos from today. 

Talking with Constable Rob about the hazzards
Can you spot the hazzards in this photo? 
Check out Jahleena being super safe!