Sunday, 6 November 2016

Week 4 - Athletics

Next week is our school athletics day so we have been learning some key tips to improving our athletic ability. Today we worked on high jump. Did you know it is important to keep your run up fast to help you jump high?

We practiced with skipping ropes today with partners who would challenge us. It was a lot less scary using the ropes than trying to jump over the pole that can fall and hurt us!

Check out our technique!

Ayush has his toes pointing to the sky to help him jump high
Tui gets a fast run up
George has just completed a great jump!


  1. HI Mrs Archer

    Did you like Athletics day? I did, it was so fun for me. was it fun for you? hope you loved Athletics day.

    From Vaidika

  2. Hi Scott class learners,
    I really like your post all about what you did in athletics,
    I also like how you guys showed some pictures of yourself too.
    I enjoyed reading and seeing your post...
    By Sylvia!