Monday, 13 June 2016

Week 7 - Blogging with our families

Tomorrow, we are holding some workshops for our families to learn how to comment on our blogs. We have made a screencast of how to write a blog comment in case our families forget.

Check out how you can comment on a blog if you don't have a Google account. 

Week 7 - Hockey

Hockey is gearing up at the moment. We have our mixed team competing at the zone competition next week and the girls the following week.

Today we were learning how to do a sweep pass. A sweep pass is a powerful pass where you sweep your stick along the ground before it connects with the ball. Check us out in action.
Simione practising his sweep pass

Mr Bryan coaching Sami

Nikolai and Osana practising

We finished our session with a game

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Week 6 - Samoan Language Week

Last week was Samoan Language Week. In Scott Class we are very luck to have some expert Samoan Language speakers. They helped us learn how to have a basic conversation in Samoan.

We then recorded them and had a go at using a green screen to make it look like they were in Samoa!

We are all very excited about using our green screen to take us all over the world! Keep an eye out to see where we go next.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Room 8 - First time posting!

Today I have been working with five fabulous students at Waikowhai Primary School. They are very excited about blogging for the first time.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Week 5 - Mau rākau

This term the boys in Scott Class, and some of the year 5 boys from Killeen Class are taking part in mau rākau each Wednesday.  Mau  rākau is a programme of Māori weaponry that involves children from different cultures. They are learning traditional methods and protocols, and also te reo Māori.

Fonterra Milk in Schools update

Earlier in the year we entered the Fonterra Milk in Schools competition (see the blog post about it here). Well we didn't win the big prize, but we did get sent a pack of stationary for each of the kids in our class. They were pretty cool, each pack had a wooden pencil, ruler and pencil sharpener in it.
Thanks Nikheel for helping organise our prize!

Week 5 - Saturday Netball

This year Hay Park has two teams competing in the Saturday netball competition. For some of us is means we have to get up really early on a Saturday morning, but it's so much fun we don't mind!

Each Saturday we have two twenty minute games, with a twenty minute break in between. Sometimes the teams stay to watch each other play. Both teams are improving each week, which is a great start to the season.
The A team in action

Keep up the fantastic work teams!