Thursday, 28 July 2016

Week 1 Extreme Makeover - Scott Class Edition

On the first day this term I issued Scott Class with a challenge - design our classroom in the best way for us to learn.

In pairs we created a plan for how we wanted to arrange our class. We then presented our ideas to the class and identified the best parts from each plan. The best parts were then combined to make a plan for our class.

We then rearranged just about all of the furniture in our class! We love our new layout!

Creating our plans

Working together to plan our classroom

"Hmm, what should we put here?"

Osana and Saunoa measuring up
Our combined plan on the whiteboard

The finished product! 

SPCA Board Games

Towards the end of last term Scott Class did some learning about the SPCA, animal welfare and how to care for animals. As a way to share our learning we created board games. We featured in an article in the Central Leader (which you can see online here).

This week we have been finishing off our games and trailing them. We gave each other feedback on the games. Some of them were really fun to play!

We hope to take our games to some other classes to play around our school.

Adding the finishing touches to our games

Enjoying the games

So much fun!