Thursday, 22 September 2016

Week 9 - Working with Morris Class

Today Scott Class and Morris Class met with Mrs Archer to talk about next year. Next year Morris Class students will be in a Chromebook class so they were very excited to learn some neat tricks from the year six students.

Check us out working together.

Nikolai and Joshua 

Brooklyn and Jahleena

Lorna and Dorothy

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Week 8 - Cross Country

All term we have been training for our school cross country. Tuesday of week 8 was the big day. It was a beautiful sunny day and we all headed over the Keith Hay Park. The junior students ran first and all of the seniors cheered them on. Then it was time for the seniors to run. The Y6 students were the last to run. We went as hard and as fast as we could and in Scott Class the placings went to...

Scott Class - Boys 
1st - Roman Choudhary
2nd - Nikolai Rasmussen
3rd - Simione Palu
Scott Class - Girls
1st - Lupe Kaufusi
2nd - Lorna Leilona
3rd - Vonairay Pulepule

A big congratulations to all of our competitors!

Getting ready to race
Mrs Archer is ready with the clapper
Our school getting last minute intstructions

Week 8 - Farewell

This week we said farewell to our two awesome office ladies Mrs Loader and Mrs Roberts.

In Scott Class we decided to do a skit acting out a day in the office as we see it. Simione and Ayush played Mrs Roberts and Mrs Loader. They were fantastic! Check out the faces of the audience.

Mrs Loader and Mrs Roberts...
We had tears of laughter!!
Mrs Roberts (Simione) and Mrs Roberts, with Mrs Loader and Mrs Loader (Ayush)

Week 8 - Planting

Scott Class and Setoga Class are currently competing to see who can grow the biggest and best plants.

On Thursday we planted our seeds. First we had to put our soil tablets on a saucer and then added 50mls of water. The soil swelled up and provided us with enough to plant the seeds. The seeds are planted in biodegradable pots so we can plant them in the group when the seedlings are big enough!

Make sure you check back for updates!


Week 8 - Netball Prize Giving

This year Hay Park had two teams entered in the Three Kings Netball Association competition. Both teams played really well throughout the season.

On Saturday we had the prize giving at Mt Roskill Intermediate. Hay Park B team did really well. They were runners up in both the first and second championships!

Well done B team!

There were lots of very proud families.

Our Awesome B Team!
Runners up int the second championship

Fair play awards - Alaskah & Vonairay