Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Fonterra Milk in Schools update

Earlier in the year we entered the Fonterra Milk in Schools competition (see the blog post about it here). Well we didn't win the big prize, but we did get sent a pack of stationary for each of the kids in our class. They were pretty cool, each pack had a wooden pencil, ruler and pencil sharpener in it.
Thanks Nikheel for helping organise our prize!


  1. wow that is real cool i remeber when i joined a dirffent compotion and we won and i got a ipad and driffent stuff this was when i was 5 it was a drawing compotion and my brother drew it for me

  2. We have milk in our school too, but we didn't enter in the competition.

    Check out my blog

  3. Hi my name is Zoe from Waikowhai. It looked fun when you were playing hockey. What was your favourite part about hockey?

  4. Hi my name Is Toby. I like your blog It looks amazing! My favorite post was the hockey posts. They are really cool good job I can play hockey too!
    What place did you come In hockey zones?

  5. Nice photo and are you guys folding your milk carton