Thursday, 12 February 2015

Starting our Chromebook Journey

Yesterday our Chromebook journey began.

There was a lot of important information to be recorded, which we all worked together to do. Then came the big moment when we were able to open up our beautiful new Chromebooks! Soooo exciting!

We all signed in, then checked our email for the first time and had a look around our class site.

Our Chromebooks are such a great tool for learning. We can't wait to use them more!

Huge thanks to all our whanau for supporting us with our Chromebooks.


  1. WOW Flox Class,
    I remember the moment that we all got our chromebooks and it was real awesome so I guess that that would be the with you,
    Can I ask a qustion, did everybody whisper to their chromie "I love you"


  2. Hi Flox class,
    Was it exacting to open your new Chromebook? I know we did last year. I hope to see lots of your learning when you all have a blog.
    Remember that you can Learn Create and Share on your Chromebooks.

    From Rita

  3. Kia ora
    Flox glass love your pictures of your brand new Chromebooks awesome hope you guys enjoy them. Looking at these pictures reminds me of when I was opening my Chromebook.
    What are the new features like? Also please reply to my comment.
    From Simeon

  4. Hi Flox class,
    Was it so cool opening your new Chromebooks? We also did it last year.
    hope you guys have so much fun with your new Chromebooks.
    How are you feeling about have a smooth Chromebooks?

    From James

  5. Kia ora,
    Flox class! It looks like you had so much fun. I would love to rewind to the first day of opening our chromebooks! You guys are lucky! You got the new version of the chromebooks. Good luck with your newly made chromebooks!
    Did you have fun?
    When did you start working with them?

    From Sinead

    1. Did you guys fall in love with your chromebooks at first sight?

  6. Salaam,
    Flox class I really like your Chromebooks I know how excited I was when I had my Chromebook I love your brand new Chromebook!!!
    Good luck with your new Chromebooks.
    Are you in love with your Chromebooks?
    Did you guys have a very fun time?
    Great stuff Flox!!!
    From Shahid

  7. Bonjour Flox Class,
    You all must love having some new Chromebooks. I remember getting my Chromebook. I just had to hold back my tears! I have seen the new versions and it is so smooth looking and it felt smooth. I can't wait till my sister gets hers because it is just so smart looking. How do like your Chromebooks? You should visit my class blog and mine!


  8. Hi Flox Class,
    I love the pictures you have posted Miss Archer. I also want to know did they say WOOOOOW!!! or something else because in my head I'm imaging what all of you's felt like. But my question is Did everyone in your class fell in love with their own special ChromeBook?.


  9. Hi Flox Class,
    I really like the pictures you guys put up.
    I still remember the first time I opened my Chromebook in Mrs Archer's class.
    Was it exciting when you guys opened your Chromebook?
    Did you guys kiss your Chromebook and secretly say I love you to it?
    Best wishes Denzal

  10. Hi Flox Class,
    I really like how you put pictures of your Chromebook Journey. It it so fantastic how your class Chromebooks ( When we got our Chromebooks it was amazing too). I hope you had fun teaching how to use one.
    Keep up the amazing digital learning.

    From Lyle

  11. Hi Flox Class,
    I really like your pictures of you opening up your Chromebooks and you being happy that you have gotten them.
    What have you been learning on your guys new Chromebooks?
    Do you guys like your Chromebooks?

    From Eli

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  13. Bonjour Flox Class,
    I like the pictures that you have put up.
    I still remember when I got my Chromebook, I was so excited.
    Were you guys excited, I bet you were.
    I hope the best for you guys.
    Welcome to the world of Digital Learning.

    From Hunter

  14. Hi,Flox class
    I remember my first day when I got a Chromebook I was so ready to learn all about it.And so will you have fun.
    What was your favorite thing about your Chromebook