Thursday, 26 February 2015

Home Learning Challenge - Shreya

In Flox Class we have Home Learning Challenges that link up the Key Competecies with our school values.

Check out Shreya's slide show, showing how she planned and cooked a special meal for her family.

Awesome work Shreya!


  1. Hi Flox Class,
    Wow Sherya! This presantation looks amazing! The food looks so scrumtious. Did you bring them to school? If you did... Why not tell me! I would really want to eat it. I hope I will use you recipes for our dinner. How long has it took? How did it taste?

    From Sinead :)

  2. Hi Flox Class,
    This is so great Shreya! I guess you and Arnav had a fun day cooking chicken curry. Also it looks so yummy I wish I was their when you were making it. But I have been wondering something and it is the same as Sinead. How long did it take? because it looks like it took awhile.


  3. Hey Flox Class,
    I just saw the presentation for Shreya's home learning challenge. This is so awesome. It looks so yummy with a lot of options or plates to choose. I guess you had a great meal. I also saw Arnav's too.
    How much was the price of all the ingredients? I was hoping to make chicken curry.

    From Lyle

  4. Hi Flox Class,
    Shreya's home learning challenge was amazing. It looks so scrumptious.
    Shreya I got a question for you what was your favorite dish to make out of all of them?

    From Rita

  5. Kia ora Flox Glass
    Awesome work Shreya I see you have done your home learning challenge. I saw Arnav presentation his one was like yours. It was really cool how you got your parents to help you cook.
    Which dessert was better Vanilla ice cream or coke ice block?
    From Simeon

    1. Hi Simeon,
      I read the first part of your comment and It says Flox glass

    2. Hi Simeon,
      I read the first part of your comment and It says Flox glass

  6. Udabad Flox Class,
    Awesome work Shreya I like your Presentation. I have tasted that and it taste AWESOME!!! Keep up the great work.
    How is Flox Class going?

    From Shahid

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  8. Hey Shreya,
    Well done on the home learning challenge.Maybe you could come give me a hand while I prepare a special family meal just like you and Arnav did.I am looking forward to seeing what you do next for home learning.Did the coke ice-block taste nice? How did you make it?


    1. Hi Ashlyn,
      It tasted great!!! This is how you make it. If you have juice put it in out either a spoon or ice block stick in it and leave it in the refrigerator for about 2 hours. You can also use milk. Put some milk,food colouring and sugar mix it.Put a spoon or ice block stick in it and leave it in the refrigerator for about 2 hours.


  9. Hi,Shreya
    I really like your homework that you did about the dinner you made at home I was working on my homework about my dinner.
    Do you have a favorite India food?I'm is Butter Chicken

  10. Hi Shreya
    I really like your homework challenge about food.
    I heard that Arnav did 1 to.
    Did he do it at the same time as you did?
    Keep the great work up and keep on learning and learning and learning.

    Comment from:Eli

  11. Hi Shreya,
    I really like your homework that you did on a presentation.
    How do you feel about your homework?
    Is this your favourite food?

    BY: James

  12. Hi Shreya,
    I like your presentation, I really like your colour choice and background,
    Did you post your 2nd one?


  13. Hi Shreya,
    I like your presentation about your home work it looked like you and Anarv did the same thing for your homework. I also like how your mum put the tin foil on to make it safer for you and Anarv.
    How many challenges have you done?
    From Denzal