Monday, 13 October 2014

Welcome to Term 4!

What a beautiful start to term 4! We have got Mr Crowe working in our class over the next 5 weeks. We are are really excited to be working with him.

We are also very excited to have our new libary, staff room and classroom which we will be having an opening ceremony for later on this term.

And it is is so nice to have our courts back now that the builders are gone. 

Keep checking back here to see all the exciting learning we are up to this term. 


  1. To Mrs Archer,
    Im so happy that our court is back and we have a new libary!
    Im wanting to thank the builders alot for making our new libary and for fixing our court.
    How did they manage to bulid the libary quick?
    From Sinead

  2. Salaam Mrs Archer,
    I'm really exited that we have our new library and our new classroom.
    I really enjoy playing tennis with our court.
    Thanks to the builders they managed to make the building and the court.
    Are you exited Mrs Archer?
    From Shahid

  3. Hi Sinead and Shahid.
    Yes I am very excited about this term. So much wonderful learning will be taking place, and as it is a summer term we have a lot of sports too! Today we will be starting Snag Golf. I'm not sure what Snag Golf is. Do you know? I'm sure we will find out today.
    From Mrs Archer

  4. Hey Miss Flox,
    I really wish that you will enjoy your new library also your spelled library wrong.

  5. hey
    i really wish that i can came and vist you guys because your school is like the coolest school and the word. THANK YOU

  6. Hi Flox class,
    This is Sakina who left last term with jayda. Its been a long time meeting you guys and I still hope that you still remember me. I had lots of fun in your school and I know that I am also having fun in my new school. This is just a comment that i want to send because i want you to remember me. GOOD LUCK! PLEASE! also check our classes blog.
    From Sakina

    1. Hi Sakina
      I loved your class blog and I tried to comment on it but I did not come on.
      I also really liked your report that was on your class blog.
      I all ready miss you so much.