Friday, 7 March 2014

All about me By Sakina

We have been learning our own personal mihi. Sakina included her mihi in her All about me presentation.


  1. Hi Sakina,
    I really enjoyed looking at your presentation about yourself. Well done for adding your mihi to your presentation. I like how you spoke clearly and how your mihi links to your culture.

    Keep up the great digital learning,

    Miss Paton

  2. Great work Sakina....keep working on your presentation skills and you will soon be a reporter on TV! Ka Pai x Mrs F x

  3. Ki ora
    I like the way that you animated your presentation. How did you figure out to animate your presentation?

  4. Hi Sakina
    I like how you talked loudly and that you took some time to remember the words.

  5. Hi Sakina,
    I really like the way you spoke clearly and loud.
    Did you know that Mt Everest lives in Nepal.
    Keep up the fantastic work.

  6. Hi Sakina,

    I really like how you speak loud and clear at the some time as you where doing your mihi and I really like how you work really hard at your All about me presentation.Keep up your fantastic work and your all about me work.

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  8. Hi Sakina,
    I like when you did your mihi and you were thinking about what said in the paper.Also i like when you kind of smile at the end.And you are so cute!!!!!!.

  9. Hi,Sakina

    I really love that your voice is nice and clear at all times when you was saying your mihi.

  10. Hi Sakina I like your mihi and one more thing keep practicing your mihi

  11. Hi Sakina,

    I like how it go one by one and there's no miss take.
    I like how you speak clearly and I like how you thing so hard too.

    by Siliuasi

  12. Hello!
    I really like how you spoke clearly and loudly.
    Also I like how you were confidant.
    Practise makes perfect.
    It was awesome! I look forward to seeing more of your work keep it up!

  13. hello flox learners i really love your guys photo when you were on e -learning class im also on e- learnking keep up with the good work
    BY Knola from wesley intermediate