Thursday, 6 March 2014

Alaskah's Poster

In our class we have been learning to use Google draw to create posters about ourselves. 
This is Alaskah's poster. 


  1. Great work FLOX!!! I love your work already...and now you're LIVE!!!! WOOP WOOP x I cannot wait to see what else you will get up to this year. Keep smiling and kia kaha.
    Love and smiles - Mrs F :)

  2. Hi Alaska

    I love your All About Me page it looks brilliant. I hope you start blogging more pages. I wonder how you took a picture? Keep up the great work!

    From Aziza

  3. Hi Alaska,
    I love the way you have your presentation clear for people to see.
    I liked the way you had clear writing too and more detail

    Keep up the great learning
    From Lyle

  4. Hi Alaska
    I like your choice of colours I love your smile and I Love the writing you chose. Keep up the fantastic work.

    From Rachael

  5. alsakah ,

    hi alaskah i like your work but I cant see some off your work

  6. Hi Alaskah,

    I like the way you put so much effort in your learning.
    From lorna

  7. Hi Alaskah
    I really like your bright and cute colours its really nice to have your poster on the blog

  8. Hi Alaskah

    I love your lovely work.
    keep it up
    i like your smile
    from Eli