Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Week 8 - Planting

Scott Class and Setoga Class are currently competing to see who can grow the biggest and best plants.

On Thursday we planted our seeds. First we had to put our soil tablets on a saucer and then added 50mls of water. The soil swelled up and provided us with enough to plant the seeds. The seeds are planted in biodegradable pots so we can plant them in the group when the seedlings are big enough!

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  1. Dear Scott’s class

    I found it interesting that you are having a seed growing competition. It was useful that you explained who the competition was against so we know. I was wondering why you were doing this challenge and could you please tell us why? Also why did you decide to do it on Thursday and not another day?

    I found it interesting that you said the exact amount of water you poured in. It is good to be descriptive. I was also wondering what seed/seeds did you plant? Was it something like a pea plant, a bean plant or something like a potato plant? Please tell us!

    There is one thing that I think everyone is wondering, which team won, Scott Class or Setoga Class? I was also wondering what does biodegradable mean? It is good you are using strong and intriguing words but also put the words in parentheses (brackets) so people that don’t understand it will understand it. I also wanted to say we did something similar to what you did last year, we picked a seed we wanted to plant and planted it and measured how high it was everyday. It was very fun and I hope we get to do it again.

    In our class we have been doing maths on geometrical shapes and have been using invariant properties (a rule that never changes) to move or relocate the shape into another position. The types we have been using are reflection, rotation, translation, and enlargement. We had to make strips containing reflection, rotation and translation. This also contained the mataoroko (original) shape which in this case was a triangle. We also had to enlarge a bird by 2 so it was double the size and double the length of the sides which was very hard but interesting for a number of people. This lead to us all making our very own artwork containing at least 2 of any of these four invariant properties and they all looked stunning in the end.

    Mine contained translation, reflection and enlargement.

    Thank you for letting us view your growing competition!

    Also here are the links to me and my teachers blogs:
    Ruma Tahi’s Blog: http://ksrumatahi.blogspot.co.nz/
    My Personal Blog: http://karoroaedang.blogspot.co.nz/

    Sincerely Aedan