Saturday, 12 March 2016

Week 6 - Stop motion animation

On Thursday we had a visit from Tania, she taught us how to create stop motion animation using an app on our Chromebooks.

First we looked at some examples from other schools Tania has worked with, then we had a quick introduction to the stop motion animation app. Then it was time to get in and have a go!

It was great to see the children in Scott class working together as teams, allowing their imaginations to run wild and come up with some awesome animations.

Have a look at our individual blogs to see our animations.

Here is Alaskah, Saunoa & Tai's animation Papas Pizziria.


  1. Hi my name is Jasmine I go to Paihia School I'm in Room 7 I really like your slides and your art it brings out what you have done.

  2. Kia ora Scott Class
    It’s Sarah from Paihia School. Tania has come to our school too and taught us how to make normal animations and slide animations.

    1. Kia ora Sarah,
      This is two stuents from Scott class in Hay Park School.We enjoyed your comment on our class blog.

      by Vonairay Cicilia

  3. Hi Tai. You have learned a lot of work even in gymnastics.I like your work that you have done.