Monday, 8 February 2016

Week 1 Term 1 - Welcome to Scott Class!

Week 1 got off to a great start in Scott Class!

We have loved our first week in our new classroom which is attached to the library. We have lots of new books at Hay Park this year and Scott Class has made the most of being so close to the library by reserving new books to read as soon as they are able to be issued.

This year the context for our learning is Challenge and this term we are looking at ourselves and our Identity. Our school value this term is resilience, which meas the ability to recover quickly from difficulties. We are really looking forward to lots of great learning this year.

We are really excited about being Y6 this year and taking on leadership roles and responsibilities in 2016! It is so great to see ALL children keen to take on these roles.

Next week is our first class assembly, please check back to see us in action!

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