Friday, 1 May 2015

Letters from the Anzac Soldiers

This term we have been learning about the Anzac soliders. We wrote letters
as though we were soldiers in WW1, writing home from the trenches.

This is Jayzel's letter.


  1. Hi Jayzel,
    I like your writing it is really specific and i liked how you self assess your work.

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  3. Hi Jay i really like the way how you made a nice start and i liked how you self assess your woke.
    Jay do you know you made a wong word on your wirting .
    But that is all right but i think you did a great job on your woke and i like it when you salid that all the bad guys dead. i like how you did,t do that much wong stuff in your writing.

  4. Hi Jayzel,
    I like you writing about ANZAC.Did you know a made one to.
    Do you like writing?

  5. Chris 14 may 2015 at 8.32
    hi Jayzel,
    I like your writing it cool and it has fullstops.

  6. Hi Jayzel,
    It's really nice to see you using the Success Criteria to self access and I also really like way that you were very specific.
    From Shreya