Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Construction at Hay Park School

Our old library was a leaky building and wasn't a safe place. At the end of Term 1, our library, staff room and resource room was demolished. New building has begun. Today we had a cement truck and a cement pumping truck come into our school. The pump truck has some really long pipes that go high up in the air. The cement comes out of the pipe like a hose.
O'neil class watching the action.
The cement being pumped into place.
The first cement truck.
The pipes carrying the cement (the pipes reminded us of Georges Grandma from Georges marvelous medicine).


  1. Hi there I am Ben from may road school. Your new buildings are going to be good. Did you know that my Dad was one of the men who helped to pour the cement, :) When he came home his gumboots were covered in cement!

    1. Kia ora Ben, thank you for your comment on our blog. We were interested to hear that your dad had been at our school. Is he in any of the photos?
      From Flox Class

    2. yes he is he is in the
      first cement truck

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    1. Hi again its me Ben I checked out the kids blogs from your class

  3. What an interesting post! We also have building going on at Pt England School and I had concrete pourers outside my window today. I was fascinated to read Ben's comments on your blog. What a small world!

    Mrs Burt

  4. Hello,

    Great work taking the photos and also great photos, the photographers must be well experienced!

    Great Work! :)